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Research Focus: How guilty is this non-vegetarian diet for climate change, scientists giving warnings to pay attention and change menu card

In the recent times, the lifestyle and human diet has completely change like inclusion of much non-veg food and junk food in the daily diet. when you go to a hotel or restaurant, you ask for a menu card, on which food items are usually written and their prices are written, and apart from this, there is no other thing that you should pay attention to, but what if that food is in this menu. Whatever you are going to eat has been written as right and wrong for nature, then what will be your food choice?

In fact, this is not what we are saying but scientists are saying and they are saying to pay attention, they have done research on this and found that people have changed their choice for nature. Scientists found that if climate change is also written on the menu card, then customers choose food choices more cautiously.

On December 27, a study was published in (Journal of the American Medical Association) JAMA Network, a journal of the American Medical Association, titled ‘Effect of Climate Change Affects Menu Levels’ and the survey looked at the food choices of more than 5,000 adults, after which they were asked about climate change. When told, once again they were asked to tell their food choice, in which the team found that about 23% of the customers changed their choice order, in a way this study was successful, people kept nature in mind.

The same happened in the study of John Hopkins University where they put food labels on which food is dangerous for climate, after which 23% of customers choose vegetarian burger from nonvegetarian burger and thus reduce climate change that day. Marking exceeded by consumption and days.

Will talk about another study in which it has been told how food is increasing greenhouse gases. In the year 2021, the University of Leeds studied more than 3 thousand food items and in the study,  they found that meat, especially red meat, is the most It is causing more harm because it increases the emission of greenhouse gases by 41 percent more than vegetarian food.

Friends, plant-based diet is being promoted today, dairy products are becoming a threat to the climate because it has been found in many studies that taking a plant-based diet can reduce the speed of climate change.

  It is not that there is only so much research that we have told you here, there are many such researches which have been saying their own thing. A Carbon Beef organization had released a data which stated that the meat and dairy industry produces 7.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas every year. are formed due to the emission of Beef is the biggest reason among them. It is estimated that one kilogram of beef causes the emission of about 60 kg of greenhouse gases.

Opinion and Edited by Megha Chaubey

Managing Director – Meghabri Consultancy Services

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