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Chinese Supermarket Chain Introduces “Sad Leave” Policy for Employees

In a move aimed at prioritizing employee well-being, Chinese supermarket chain Fat Dong Lai has introduced a unique policy allowing staff to take up to 10 days of “sad leave” annually, without requiring manager approval.

Founder Mr. Yu Dong Lai, renowned for his innovative approach to customer service, emphasized the importance of acknowledging employees’ emotional needs. “Everyone has days when they are sad, that’s human nature,” Mr. Yu stated during a recent supermarket convention in Henan province, where Fat Dong Lai originated.

Unlike traditional supermarkets, Fat Dong Lai has earned a reputation as the “Haidilao of supermarkets,” known for its exceptional customer service and unique perks. From blood pressure checks to pet feeding stations, the chain goes above and beyond to create a luxurious shopping experience.

According to Mr. Yu, the introduction of “sad leave” aims to foster a supportive work environment and promote work-life balance. Employees will have the autonomy to plan when they want to take leave, providing them with the flexibility to address their emotional well-being.

In addition to “sad leave,” Fat Dong Lai offers its employees up to 40 days of annual leave, along with a five-day break during the Chinese New Year period. This stands in stark contrast to the demanding “996” work culture prevalent in some Chinese companies, where employees work long hours six days a week.

Furthermore, Fat Dong Lai prioritizes employee welfare by implementing typical workdays of seven hours, five days a week. The company also compensates employees up to 5,000 yuan for on-the-job grievances, such as customer insults or threats.

In a remarkable gesture, Fat Dong Lai recently announced plans to send all employees on an overseas vacation, with management enjoying a European trip and other staff visiting Japan. These initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to supporting its workforce and promoting a positive work environment.

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