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Mumbai police summons Uorfi Javed after BJP leader Chitra Kishor Wagh’s complaint against her for ‘exposing her body’ in public

Uorfi Javed was on Saturday called to investigate the complaint of BJP Maharashtra Mahila Morcha president Chitra Kishor Wagh. The BJP leader last week filed a complaint against the actor and TV personality for “exposing his body” on the streets of Mumbai. Urging for immediate action, the BJP leader also said that Uorfi’s public ‘exhibition of her body’ had become a topic of social media.

The Mumbai Police has announced that Uorfi Javed will be summoned for questioning on Saturday following the allegations leveled against her by a BJP leader.

Chitra Wagh wrote in her complaint letter, “No one could have imagined that the right to conduct, freedom of thought given by the constitution would manifest itself in such a subversive attitude… If he wants to show his body, he has to do it behind four walls, but the actor may not realize , that it is fueling the perverse attitude of the society”.

 Responding to the complaint on social media, Uorfi wrote on Instagram Stories, “She is the same lady who screamed after the arrest of SANJAY RATHOD when she was in NCP, then her husband was caught in bribery. To save her husband she joined BJP and uske baad Sanjay or Chitra kaafi acche dost ban gaye Mai bhi bas BJP join karne wali hun then we will be best friends (After joining BJP Sanjay and Chitra became very good friends. Also I will join BJP).

Television actress and social media influencer Uorfi Javed today called for an inquiry into the complaint against her by BJP leader Chitra Wagh: Mumbai Police

In another note shared on Instagram Stories, Uorfi said: “I know it’s quite dangerous to upload things against politicians, but then these people still make me commit suicide, so I either kill myself or speak my mind and get killed by them. But again hello, I didn’t start this, I never did anything bad to anyone. They’re coming at me for no damn reason.”

Uorfi also took to her social media to fire back against the allegations. “Are these politicians, lawyers stupid? There is literally no article in the constitution that could send me to prison”

Uorfi explained that the definition of vulgarity, nudity varies from person to person and said: “If you don’t see my n*****s and my v*****, you can’t send me to jail. These people are just doing it for attention media. I have a better idea for you, Chitra Wagh. How about doing something about human trafficking in Mumbai, which is still rampant. How about closing down those illegal dance bars? How about doing something about illegal prostitution, which is once again everywhere in Mumbai. “

Earlier, Uorfi said she had received offensive audio clips and threats of rape and murder, and a broker was arrested in connection with the case.

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