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Role of biofuels and the importance of G20 cooperation in achieving the full potential of biofuels

Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Shri Pankaj Jain highlighted the role of biofuels and the importance of G20 cooperation in achieving the full potential of biofuels for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Addressed the Global Biofuel Alliance Seminar organized by MoP&NG on the sidelines of the 3rd meeting of the Energy Transition Working Group in Mumbai on 15 May 2023.

Shri Pankaj Jain, Secretary (MoPNG) in his keynote address focused on the untapped potential of biofuels and its growing appeal from clean energy transition, wide range of applications, techno-commercial viability and financial aspects.

(Secretary MoPNG delivered a keynote address at the ‘Seminar on Biofuels’ on the sidelines of the 3rd meeting of the Working Group on Energy Transition in Mumbai, Maharashtra)

The Minister of Petroleum also highlighted the importance of biofuels in enhancing economic prosperity, energy security, access and affordability, while being sustainable and promoting decarbonisation. “Technological advances provide more options as feedstock for biofuels (i.e. sugarcane, corn, agricultural waste, bamboo, etc.) and further cooperation between the G20 countries can help further develop the global biofuels market and harness the full potential of biofuels,” he added. Shri Jain.

This very important seminar brought together chairmen and executives from several major oil and gas companies and leaders from many international energy organizations such as IEA, Total Energies, Shell, Lanzatech, SHV Energy Futuria to discuss relevant technologies, use cases, partnership and business. potential.

The forum has widely recognized the expanding importance of biofuels (eg SAF stream alcohol, biodiesel and compressed biogas in line with ethanol production, renewable DME, etc.).

The seminar witnessed full participation and support from the oil and gas industry, international organizations such as the IEA and the Biofuture platform, representatives of the G20 countries, industry bodies such as CII and ASSOCHAM, major car manufacturers, manufacturers and major technology providers. their association.

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