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American Climber Declared Dead on Remote Tibetan Peak

An American climber, Gina Marie Rzucidlo, has been declared dead on the remote Shishapangma mountain in Tibet. This tragic news follows the deaths of American climber Anna Gutu and her Nepalese guide Mingmar Sherpa due to avalanches on the same mountain. Chinese authorities have suspended all activities on Shishapangma following the avalanches.
Gina Marie Rzucidlo and Anna Gutu were both attempting to become the first American female climbers to scale all of the world’s 14 peaks that exceed 8,000 meters in elevation. Shishapangma was their final summit.
Rzucidlo’s climbing companion, Tenjen Sherpa, had recently guided Norway’s Kristin Harila to ascend K2 in Pakistan, completing their final 8,000-meter peak in 92 days and becoming the world’s fastest climbers to scale all of the world’s 14 tallest peaks.
Shishapangma, although a challenging climb, is regarded as one of the “easier” mountains of that height among climbers. Over 300 successful summits of Shishapangma have been recorded, with a relatively low fatality rate compared to other dangerous peaks.
The avalanches on Shishapangma occurred as more than 50 mountaineers and their guides were making their way up the mountain, representing various countries, including the United States, Britain, Romania, Albania, Italy, Japan, and Pakistan.
China allowed foreign climbing expeditions to enter Tibet in 2023 after lifting three years of COVID-19-related restrictions that had prevented foreign mountaineers from attempting to summit Shishapangma, which is situated entirely within China. The region is renowned among climbers as one of the “eight-thousanders” due to its height exceeding 8,000 meters.
Efforts to recover the bodies of the climbers have been hampered by the challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions. Requests for helicopter searches by Nepal have been declined by the Chinese government. Searches for their bodies may resume in the spring when weather conditions are more favorable.
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