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Sunil Gavaskar Challenges Virat Kohli to Rebound Against Pakistan After T20 World Cup Setback

By Aanworld Sports Desk | Written by Vaishali Verma, New Delhi | Jun 06, 2024 06:35 AM IST

In a dramatic T20 World Cup opener, where Hardik Pandya reached new heights and Rohit Sharma unlocked multiple milestones, Virat Kohli experienced an uncharacteristic failure against Ireland. Opening the batting alongside India skipper Rohit, Kohli’s rare off day resulted in his lowest-ever score at the T20 World Cup, marking a concerning start to India’s campaign at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

Kohli, who replaced Yashasvi Jaiswal in the top order, managed just one run off five balls before being dismissed. His attempt at an aggressive shot resulted in a thick edge caught by third man Benjamin White, sealing a forgettable day for the former India captain, who had previously averaged 81.5 in T20 World Cup matches.

Despite this setback, cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar remains optimistic about Kohli’s ability to bounce back, particularly in the high-stakes encounter against arch-rivals Pakistan. Speaking on Star Sports, Gavaskar expressed confidence in Kohli’s resilience and his potential to deliver a match-altering performance against Babar Azam’s team.

“The way I look at it is… great players like Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, Babar Azam, and Joe Root fail in one match; they want to make up for it in the next match. They want to score double the runs. So whatever runs he might not have gotten (against Ireland), you know, he wants to score double the runs. And who better to score double the runs than against Pakistan,” Gavaskar remarked.

Kohli’s previous T20 World Cup performances highlight his prowess as a chasemaster, with impressive scores in India’s run chases. His disappointing show against Ireland marked his lowest score in a run chase for India at the T20 World Cup. Despite this, Kohli’s record remains formidable, being the first batter to surpass 4,000 runs in T20 cricket history, a milestone recently joined by Rohit Sharma.

India’s upcoming clash with Pakistan on Sunday at the same venue will be crucial, with fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipating Kohli’s response to his rare failure. As the team gears up, Gavaskar’s challenge serves as both a reminder of Kohli’s potential and an encouragement for the star player to rise to the occasion once more.

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