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European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 Satellite Captures Stunning Images of Ram Setu

The European Space Agency has shared images of Ram Setu taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite. Also known as Adam’s Bridge, it is a chain link between India and Sri Lanka.

Ram Setu stretches 48 km between the island of Rameswaram on the southeast coast of India and connects the island of Mannar in Sri Lanka. It separates the Gulf of Mannar (south), the entrance to the Indian Ocean, from the Palk Strait (north), the entrance to the Bay of Bengal.

Although there are many theories about how this bridge was formed, geological evidence shows that these limestones are the remains of the land that once connected India and Sri Lanka.

According to reports, this “natural bridge was passable until the 15th century, and it was gradually destroyed by storms over the years”.

He said that some beaches are dry, and the sea here is 1-10 meters deep, as shown by the light color of the water.

About 130 square kilometers, the island of Mannar is connected to the mainland of Sri Lanka by a road bridge and a railway bridge. Both are visible on the southern tip of the island.

On the Indian side, Rameswaram Island, also known as Pamban Island, can be reached via the 2 km long Pamban Bridge. The two main towns here are Pamban on the west coast and Rameswaram, 10 km east of Pamban.

Both parts of Ram Setu are part of protected national parks in their respective countries.

“The sandbars are breeding grounds for birds such as the brown knot, and many species of fish and seaweed thrive in shallow water. Marine life around Adam’s Bridge includes dolphins, dugongs and turtles,” said the European Space Agency.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Arichal Munai, the starting point of Ram Setu.

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