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UK Parliament Dissolves Ahead of General Election, Sparking High Stakes Campaign

London: The British parliament officially dissolved on Thursday, initiating a five-week campaign leading up to the July 4 general election. This election is poised to potentially end 14 years of Conservative rule, with Labour, led by Keir Starmer, appearing strong in the polls.

At midnight, all 650 parliamentary seats became vacant as campaigning began. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, facing declining approval ratings, unexpectedly set the election for July 4, earlier than anticipated, in a strategic move to regain momentum.

The campaign’s start as rocky, with Sunak’s rain-soaked announcement seen by many as a bad omen. His visit to the Titanic’s construction site drew unflattering comparisons to his leadership, and his push for older voters with pledges like reinstating national service and a £2.4 billion tax break for pensioners has yet to bolster his standing.

Mass Exodus of MPs

A significant exodus of MPs, especially from the Conservative Party, has marked the pre-election period. A total of 129 MPs have announced they will not seek re-election, including 77 Conservatives, reflecting bleak prospects for the governing party. This includes Steve Baker, who controversially decided to continue his vacation in Greece despite the election announcement, and a Tory MP who was suspended for supporting a Reform UK candidate.

Labour’s Strong Position

Labour, which has trailed in opposition for 14 years, is currently leading the polls with 45% of voting intentions compared to the Conservatives’ 23%. Keir Starmer has shifted Labour towards the center, garnering support from 120 industry leaders and positioning the party as the “natural party of business.” However, internal conflicts persist, highlighted by the controversy surrounding MP Diane Abbott’s potential barring from candidacy and criticisms from leftist voters.

Election Dynamics

With polls favoring Labour, Sunak is banking on televised debates with Starmer, starting next Tuesday on ITV, to sway public opinion. Meanwhile, Labour aims to leverage public fatigue with the Conservative Party, which has seen five prime ministers and numerous scandals since 2016.

The upcoming weeks promise a heated campaign as both parties vie for control, with Labour aiming to capitalize on their lead and the Conservatives striving to turn the tide.

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