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Mehrauli murder: Poonawala killed Shraddha Walkar after meeting another friend

 Aaftab Poonawala killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar when he was enraged after she met another friend on the day of the incident, the Delhi Police said in its charge sheet.

The police on Tuesday filed a 6,629-page charge sheet against Poonawal in the Mehrauli murder case in a Saket court extending his judicial custody by two weeks till February 7. In the charge sheet, the police said that the accused had used various types of weapons to dismember Walkar’s body and that they had recovered some of them.

In a press conference, Joint Commissioner of Police (South) Meenu Chaudhary said the police had recorded 150 testimonies to establish their case and charged Poonawala under sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing evidence of an offense to disappear) of the IPC.

“On the day of the incident, Walkar met another friend who did not like Poonawala. He then became violent and the incident happened,” said Chaudhary. According to the chargesheet, the Mehrauli police station received a missing report of Shraddha Vikas Walkara from the Maharashtra police, after which a missing report was registered at the Mehrauli police station and the victim’s father was investigated.

Poonawala and Walkar were last seen in the accommodation they rented in the Mehrauli area. Poonawala was interrogated based on this and later arrested on 12 November. Nine teams and a SIT headed by DCP (South) were also formed during the investigation. Teams were also sent to several places in Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and Gurugram in Haryana.

During interrogation, it was also found that body parts were disposed of and several search teams were formed. Searches were conducted in the Meharuali jungle area of ​​Chhattarapur at the behest of the accused and the police found some bones of the body, the charge sheet said.

“We used scientific methods and FSL, CFSL and crime squads inspected the spot during the investigation. Blood and bone tests were done as well as a DNA test. Using the advanced DNA mitochondrial profiling technique, tests were also conducted in Hyderabad. A separate dedicated team has been formed to ascertain the trail of CCTV footage,” said Chaudhary.

Police said several pieces of digital evidence were examined, including mobile phones, cameras and laptops, call detail recordings and GPS locations. “We have circumstantial evidence. We have oral testimony and digital and forensic evidence. All the tests conducted support our investigation,” said the Joint Commissioner of Police.

Poonawala is accused of strangling his live-in partner Walkar and dismembering her body in May last year before dumping them in different parts of the city over a period of days.

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