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Ancient Bronze Cauldrons Reveal Culinary Traditions of Mongolia’s Nomads

Khovsgol Province, Mongolia – Archeologists studying Bronze Age artifacts unearthed on the Mongolian steppe have uncovered intriguing insights into the dietary habits of ancient inhabitants. The discovery of two Bronze Age cauldrons, dating back 2,750 years, has shed light on the gastronomic practices of Mongolia’s nomadic tribes.

The cauldrons, discovered by chance in the Khovsgol province, were found to contain caked residue that, upon analysis, revealed traces of blood proteins from ruminant animals like sheep and goats. Additionally, glycoproteins expressed in the liver were identified, suggesting the presence of wild yak milk.

While the exact purpose of collecting blood remains uncertain, researchers speculate that it may have been used for dietary purposes, possibly in the production of blood sausage, a culinary tradition still practiced in rural Mongolia today.

Biomolecular archaeologist Shevan Wilkin of the University of Basel, Switzerland, emphasized the remarkable preservative properties of bronze materials, which have allowed the conservation of proteins and other organic molecules over millennia.

The discovery not only provides insight into the culinary traditions of Bronze Age nomads but also marks the earliest evidence of wild yaks in Central Mongolia. The presence of bronze vessels, serving as custodians of ancient culinary practices, underscores their significance as invaluable resources for understanding ancient civilizations.

The study, conducted by Wilkin and her colleagues, highlights the importance of accidental discoveries and meticulous analysis in uncovering the rich tapestry of Mongolia’s ancient past.

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