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Marathi filmmaker accused Kareena Kapoor Khan of ignoring her fans

Filmmaker Mahesh Tilekar, best known for directing Marathi films, accused Kareena Kapoor Khan of ignoring her fans and even her co-stars. He cited an incident from eight years ago when he was traveling with his Marathi troupe and saw Kareena at the airport.

In his long note on social media, Mahesh also mentioned that even Radhika Apte doesn’t like signing autographs and added that stars mingle with their fans only to promote their films and shows.

Mahesh wrote, “Recently I watched an interview of Infosys founder Narayan Murthy who narrated an incident when he was returning from London to India. He said Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor was sitting in front of him and he greeted people who approached him but she ignored all the fans who wished to interact with her and disrespected their emotions. Murthy was greatly disturbed by the incident. What is the use of such arrogance?”

“Eight years ago, we were waiting in the check-in line at the airport when I noticed Kareena standing next to one of the actresses from our program. She went to Kareena Kapoor and greeted her. She wanted to click a picture with Kareena, but the Bollywood star ignored her, leaving her upset. She even worked in one of the famous films of Kareena Kapoor, the actress did not bother to turn to look at her.

He added, “These celebrities have no problem interacting with fans while promoting their OTT shows or movies, but otherwise they can’t show decency. Radhika Apte said she doesn’t like signing autographs and clicking selfies with people. But a few days ago, while promoting her Hindi film, she was seen clicking selfies with some famous social media influencers.”

Mahesh has made films like Ghar Grihasti, Ladi Godi, Chalta Hai Yaar, One Room Kitchen, Gaon Tasa Changala or Hawahawai. His post comes at a time when the internet is rooting for Kareena for simply waving at a fan who tried to touch her. She went out for dinner with her actor-husband Saif Ali Khan in Mumbai, where a fan tried to touch her hand. Kareena smiled and greeted her but politely declined the request.

Kareena currently has a long list of films lined up. These include Hansal Mehta and Sujoy Ghosh’s respective films and Rhea Kapoor’s The Crew.

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