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300,000-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Face of Earliest Human Ancestor Reconstructed

New Delhi: Scientists have successfully reconstructed the face of an early human ancestor for the first time, providing a glimpse into an individual who lived approximately 300,000 years ago. This significant discovery offers new insights into human evolution and revises previous timelines.

Discovery and Significance

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The remains, known as the Jebel Irhoud bones, were found in Morocco and have transformed our understanding of human history. Initially discovered in the 1960s, these bones pushed back the estimated date for the emergence of Homo sapiens by 100,000 years, indicating that our ancestors existed much earlier than previously believed. The discovery also suggests that early humans migrated beyond East Africa, the traditional “cradle of mankind,” sooner than previously thought.

Facial Reconstruction Process

The facial reconstruction was a groundbreaking achievement by Brazilian graphics expert Cicero Moraes. Using advanced 3D scanning and anatomical deformation techniques, Moraes created a realistic depiction of the early human’s face. The reconstruction reveals a face described as “strong and serene.”

Moraes explained the process: “Initially, I scanned the skull in 3D, using data provided by the researchers of the Max Planck Institute. Then I proceeded with the facial approximation, which consisted of crossing several approaches, such as anatomical deformation.”

The reconstruction involved sophisticated technology where the tomography of a modern human was adapted to match the Jebel Irhoud skull, resulting in a compatible and lifelike face. This technological innovation provides an unprecedented view of our distant ancestors and enhances our understanding of their physical appearance.

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