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Israeli PM Netanyahu to Address US Congress Amid Gaza Conflict

Washington – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted an invitation from US leaders to address the US Congress on July 24, Republican party leaders announced Thursday. This visit occurs as the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants continues, with increasing pressure for a permanent ceasefire and growing diplomatic isolation for Israel due to the escalating death toll in Gaza.

President Joe Biden recently proposed a three-phase plan aimed at ending the conflict, freeing hostages, and rebuilding Palestinian territories without Hamas in power. However, Netanyahu’s office emphasized that the war, initiated by the October 7 attacks, would persist until Israel’s objectives are met, including the eradication of Hamas.

The invitation to Netanyahu came from the top leaders of both parties in the US House and Senate, who expressed solidarity with Israel’s fight against terror, particularly as Hamas holds American and Israeli citizens captive. House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell stated that Netanyahu’s visit would highlight the enduring US-Israel relationship and allow him to share Israel’s vision for democracy, combating terror, and achieving lasting peace in the region.

Netanyahu’s visit follows a call from Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in March for Israel to hold new elections, reflecting rare criticism from a senior US official regarding Israel’s handling of the Gaza war. Despite his disagreements, Schumer invited Netanyahu to speak, underscoring the strong and transcendent relationship between the US and Israel.

The ongoing conflict began with Hamas’s attack on Israel, resulting in 1,194 deaths, mostly civilians, and the capture of 251 hostages, 120 of whom remain in Gaza. Israel’s military response has led to the deaths of at least 36,654 people in Gaza, primarily civilians, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Negotiations mediated by the US, Qatar, and Egypt are ongoing to secure a truce and hostage-prisoner swap. However, Israel faces increasing diplomatic challenges, with international court cases alleging war crimes and several European nations recognizing a Palestinian state. Netanyahu’s office has not finalized the visit date, which was initially reported as June 13 but was deferred due to a Jewish holiday.

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