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G7 says dialogue and diplomacy are the only ways to resolve the Ukraine conflict

The current situation in Ukraine is a matter of humanity and human values, not politics or economics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday, declaring that dialogue and diplomacy are the only ways to resolve the conflict.

Addressing the G7 in Hiroshima, Modi said all countries must respect the UN Charter, international law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations, and called for a collective voice against unilateral attempts to change the status quo.

The Prime Minister’s comments came against the backdrop of the ongoing border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Modi also invoked Buddha and said that there is no such problem in modern times whose solution cannot be found in his teachings. In his remarks, Modi also referred to his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday.

“Today we heard President Zelensky. I met him yesterday too. I do not see the current situation as a question of politics or economics. I believe that it is a question of humanity, a question of human values,” said the prime minister.

“We have said from the beginning that dialogue and diplomacy are the only way. And to resolve this situation, we will try our best to make anything out of India,” he said.

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Modi said that India has always been of the view that any tension and any dispute should be resolved peacefully through dialogue.

The prime minister said that in the current global situation, developing countries feel the biggest and most profound effects of the food, fuel and fertilizer crisis.

“Global peace, stability and prosperity are the common goal of all of us. In today’s interconnected world, tensions in any region affect all countries. And the most affected are developing countries that have limited resources, the current global situation, these countries are suffering the maximum and deepest impacts of the food, fuel and fertilizer crisis,” he added.

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