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DoPT Mandates Strict 9 AM Start Time for Government Employees to Curb Late Arrivals

The Central Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has asked all government employees, including senior officials, to report to office at 9 am with a grace period of 15 minutes to stop “late arrivals”. It is expected to hit 9.15 am.

If, due to any reason, an employee is unable to attend on a particular day, prior notice should be given and leave should be given without pay,” the department staff said.

Here are the details

– According to reports, employees were warned that their half-day paid leave would be withdrawn if they did not arrive by 9.15am.

– When the central government office works from 9 am to 5.30 pm, junior officials often arrive late and leave early, which plays a special role in the public eye. Senior officials admit that they work outside normal working hours, often after 7pm, and thus do not have working hours.

– In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government tried to impose working hours, but officials refused, saying long-distance traffic was difficult.

– An Aadhaar-enabled biometric enrollment system was used to monitor accuracy until it was suspended due to the pandemic. Returned in February 2022.

– Last year’s guidance urged government officials to return to biometric engagement, stressing the need to seriously address fatigue and early departure.

– Some employees are often out of the office or temporarily involved in the implementation of IT systems face-to-face. The new policy aims to impose greater discipline, but workers who are used to coming in late, even past 10 a.m., may be forced to do so.

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