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ESA Reveals Stunning “Cosmic Dance of Ice and Fire” Star System 3,400 Light-Years Away

The star system is located 3400 light years away. The European Space Agency (ESA) shared a stunning image of a mysterious star system on Friday. Located 3,400 light-years away in the constellation Sagitta, the star consists of a red giant and its white dwarf. ESA called it the ”Cosmic Dance of Ice and Fire”, noting how it was getting hotter and fainter.

According to the ESA, the mysterious stars surprised astronomers with a “nova-like explosion” in 1975 that was about 250 times brighter.

”It’s a tale of two stars: the red giant generously donates material to its white dwarf companion, creating a dazzling spectacle. Red haze? That’s a strong red giant wind! ️But Mira HM Sge is a real mystery. In 1975, it surprised astronomers with a nova-like explosion, but unlike most novae, it did not fade. Since then, it’s gotten warmer, but quieter!” reads the caption of the post. The post contains four images that together form a complete picture of the symbiotic star system.

Astronomers used new data from Hubble and NASA’s retired SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), as well as archival data from other missions, to revisit the binary star system.

”Thanks to Hubble and the retired SOFIA telescope, we are putting the puzzle together. HST’s ultraviolet data reveal searing temperatures around the white dwarf, while SOFIA detected water flowing at incredible speeds, suggesting a swirling disk of material,” the post caption reads.

Between April and September 1975, the binary system HM Sagittae brightened 250 times. Recently, observations show that the system has warmed up, but paradoxically faded a little.

In response to the image, one user wrote: ”This material exchange dance between a red giant and a white dwarf is really amazing.”

Another commented: ”This is so beautiful and mysterious, I love it.”A third said: ”amazing shots”.

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