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CDRI Launches Major Funding Initiative to Enhance Infrastructure Resilience in Small Island Developing States

New Delhi: The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) has unveiled a substantial funding initiative aimed at bolstering infrastructure resilience in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The announcement was made during the United Nations 4th International Conference on SIDS, held in Antigua and Barbuda.

The initiative is open to all 57 SIDS nations and offers a comprehensive package of technical support, knowledge resources, and financial assistance. The goal is to fortify critical infrastructure sectors, including transport, power, telecommunications, water, health, and education, against the escalating threats posed by natural disasters and climate change.

“This funding will support SIDS with the knowledge products, tools, and partnerships needed to achieve climate and disaster resilient infrastructure, enabling resilient economies and a secure future,” said Amit Prothi, Director General of CDRI, during the announcement.

Key Focus Areas

•Enhancement of policies and regulatory frameworks

•Project preparation capacities

•Resource mobilization

•Project implementation

•Development of data systems related to infrastructure resilience

Small island nations are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, intensified storms, flooding, and other environmental threats that can severely damage essential infrastructure. The new funding call aims to address these vulnerabilities by supporting projects that enhance the resilience of these infrastructures.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of its efforts, CDRI’s Infrastructure Resilience Accelerator Initiative (IRIS) was honored with the 2024 UN SIDS Partnership Award in the Environment category. This award underscores IRIS’s innovative partnerships and impactful contributions to the sustainable development of SIDS through disaster-resilient infrastructure.

“I am pleased to share that IRIS has won the 2024 UN SIDS Partnership Award in recognition of contributions to the sustainable development of SIDS through innovative and impactful partnerships,” stated Prothi.

Next Steps

The CDRI will soon release detailed criteria, guidelines, and submission procedures for project proposals. The coalition aims to deploy support swiftly to meet the urgent infrastructure resilience needs of SIDS worldwide.

This new funding initiative represents a pivotal opportunity for SIDS to strengthen their infrastructure against the impacts of climate change, ensuring the protection and economic stability of their communities. As many islands already face severe challenges such as coastal erosion and freshwater contamination, building resilient infrastructure is critical for safeguarding their future.

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