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New Research Shows Timing Cancer Treatment with Body Clock Boosts Effectiveness

Scientists have discovered that treating cancer based on the patient’s body clock can improve the effectiveness of treatment. Researchers from the University of California Irvine have found that the body’s natural 24-hour cycle affects how the immune system fights cancer. Researchers have also found that disruption of circadian rhythms reduces the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. These findings suggest that lifestyle changes and treatment timing can help fight cancer.

The study, published online in the journal Nature Immunology, describes the complex relationship between the circadian clock, immune regulation, and tumor progression, and finds that it offers a new therapeutic approach that optimizes daily delivery based on an individual’s unique circadian pattern. . ways to prevent and treat.

“Disruption of the internal biological pacemaker is a different aspect of modern society and can contribute to the rise of many cancers. We found that the proper regulation of circadian rhythms is necessary to reduce inflammation and support a high level of immunity,” said the corresponding author Selma. Masri is an assistant professor of biological chemistry at UC Irvine. “Understanding how circadian disruption contributes to the development of the disease can lead to behavioral changes to reduce the risk of cancer.”

“When we improve our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of circadian regulation of immunity, we can harness the power of the body’s natural rhythms to fight cancer and develop more personalized and effective treatment strategies,” said UC lead author Bridget Fortin. Dr. Irvine, Department of Biological Chemistry.

While this study represents an important step in terms of circadian control of anti-tumor immunity, the team believes that future research should focus on exploring additional factors and cell types that affect the daily response of the examination to inhibitor therapy.

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