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Ammy Virk celebrates her 30th birthday in Goa and talks about upcoming projects in Punjab

Turning thirty is a milestone to be celebrated. However, actress-singer Ammy Virk has several reasons his recent hit, Bollywood debut and Punjabi blockbuster to celebrate his birthday today. Virk celebrates his 30th birthday on the beaches of Goa with his close.

Ammy virk says “The year was good. I have been a part of big films and also done some good projects in Punjab,”.

 Virk is quite nonchalant about the number, rather ‘excited’ to turn 30. “I’m not nervous, just too excited. We’re getting old, but I’m just trying to feel young. I believe that if a person wants to work in the field for a long time, he must have energy. So if I need to survive in the industry for another 20 years, then I need to have the energy of a 20-year-old. I still have that energy. I hope to continue the same and I hope God gives me courage,”.

At 30, Virk is also at peace with his career. He shares, “I used to have to buy a house for mom and dad, buy cars and now it’s all done. So now I just want to work for my creative satisfaction. I want to do a good job. Abhi aaram se kaam karna hai and I have to devote more time to my family. I have achieved a lot for my age. I started earning when I was 17. Just t-shirts saal acche gaye hai. And my mum and dad have always supported me.’

While he continues to believe that the audience’s love is “the greatest award,” he has something else in mind. “I mean the Grammys, Coachella, and the Oscars. They mean a lot and give you confidence,” he signs off.

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